Thursday, January 12, 2017


A BEU student needs to be kind! Kindness is one of the 5 characteristics that our school felt was important for students to learn. We talked about what kindness meant to us and how we can be kind to others! We decided to buddy up with 4th grade to make "kindness tellers" (basically a fortune teller filled with kind words!!)

Our 4th grade buddies surprised us with a Kindness Scavenger Hunt! They gave us clues to go around the school to find different people in our building. In order to get the next clue, we had to tell them why we appreciate them! The hunt ended in Ms. Watson's 4th grade classroom, where we received nice cards and some yummy snacks!!! Thank you Team Watson! We had a blast!!!

Shared Reading

During Shared Reading, we have discussed different ways we can make connections to texts. Texts to Self, Text to Text, and Text to World are a few ways we learned how to make reading even more meaningful. Ask your child about these connections at home and practice making connections after you read books!

ST Math

We are charting our ST Math Progress! These kiddos love JiJi the Penguin. This is such a fun math activity to do at home on your tablet! 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Organizing and Collecting

In math today, we organized different items and grouped them into 10s and 1s (the leftovers). We understand that if we have 3 groups of tens and 7 leftovers (ones), we know that it is 37! We will work on grouping by 5s and 2s next week. 

A Very Belated Holiday Post!

All Aboard the Polar Express!!

The Winter party was a huge hit! Thank you to all the parents who helped out with the party. I love this class so much!

Making Gingerbread houses with Team Watson!